What is the difference in Sublimation and Digital Prints?

Sublimation transfers create permanent ink bonding to high count polyester materials and coated substrates. The ink will "become one" with the material it is applied to and cannot peel. Our sublimation transfers can be applied to coffee mugs, jewelry, linen, license plates, etcl that have been pre-coated for sublimation transfer. Although sublimation is a relatively simple process, it is actually a scientific process that transfers ink from a gas to a solid state. Proper application is important for the best and brightest results.

Digital transfers are printed using white toner which allows the design to be added to dark colors, plus a larger variety of materials. Digital prints can be applied to cotton, polyester, blended materials and more! Digital prints can also be applied to standard ceramic, metal, and wood without pre-coating needed. 

  • Sublimation Transfers for Shirts. Designs iron on with Heat Press.

Here's What our customers are saying

"Received my order in 4 days! Already placed my next order!"

- Stacey Franks, South Bend, IN

"These patterns sell out within a couple of days. Seems like I am always ordering! ha"

- Harmony D., Owensboro, KY

"I was scared of sublimation at first but with a little practice, it's easy as pie! And its much easier than layering htv colors"

- David Trexler, Laredo, TX